PICK AX PETES COLLECTORS TRADING POST. Vegas is the future in more ways than one. Ah…where to start…….? The thousand people who live under the city in tunnels. The buying and selling of little girls. The “cracker box people” who camp out in casinos and gamble. The luxurious fountains just a few miles from a great river that no longer reaches the sea. The rampant consumption of meth by rich and poor. The summers when people stay inside. The tens of thousands of abandoned homes. The huge empty downtown towers, completed with federal money….Greece, Egypt, Rome, London, New York and, now, Vegas–where all the previous cradles of civilization have come to rest. In Nevada, we have the old story of the underground rivers where the water babies live. The landscape is dotted with the names of disappeared cities and towns. It is probably our role to be the entry way into the earth for all culture. Nothing rusts. It just seems to go away–either sinking into the sand or captured by visitors from other planets.