Thanks for stopping by! See the song titles above. Explore. Each song has a story. Listen and let me know by email if you’d like me to come play at your place.

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I’ve been making up songs a long time. As a kid, my folks took me out to the desert to get away from the city. As a young feller, I moved out there. I figured I’d write songs about Nevada–the desert, the mountains, the sky and the people. Later I moved into Carson City, where I live now. I hope you find something here that you enjoy.

I recently added a SONGS FROM NEVADA Facebook page. You can link below. There’s not much there yet. But soon. I may redo these songs in a blog format–telling some of the stories and then loading each on a post here and on the SONGS FROM NEVADA Facebook page.

Get the lyrics and chords: SONGS FROM NEVADA–web songster